This is where we will publish as much of the media and press coverage that we can. There has been some information dispersed to the public about the changes in legislation, Badger Minerals, their proposed project, the exploratory drilling and the legality of it all, especially when it comes to Badger Minerals using MFL otherwise known as The Managed Forest Law land that is owned by Heartwood Forestry. You can find the information about MFL and the way the land is intended on being used here.

The timeline of these sites start in 2017. This is when Scott Walker and Tom Tiffany decided that they were going to rewrite the legislation, get rid of the “prove it first” methodology and instead open up the State to all forms of mining. They opened the door to pollution, highly toxic sulfide waste, the likes of which nobody wants.

Walker plans to sign “Mining For America” Bill in November 2017.

Walker signs Mining For America Bill in Rhinelander in December 2017.

County officials learn at a seminar called “Mining 101” in Minocqua in January 2018.

As mining ordinance is reviewed by Oneida County, A look at the Town of Lynne site in April 2018.

Public hearing in Oneida County in regards to ordinance, turns into an attack on mining on June 13th. 2018.

New rules on the books-Oneida County board approves overhaul of metallic mining ordinance on June 19th. 2018.

Mining education to begin in Oneida County in August 2018.

Oneida County residents tour town of Lynne site in October 2018.

Lac du Flambeau Tribe issues resolution opposing Oneida County mining ahead of Tuesday’s referendum on November 2nd. 2018.

Board chair: Lynne mine “Off The Table” after convincing referendum vote on Tuesday November 7th. 2018.

WIDNR License’s Oneida County mineral drilling exploration; forthcoming ordinance could increase environmental protections in January 2020.

Sokaogon Chippewa community members, allies march in opposition of Wolf River drilling project in March 2020.

Protesters march in opposition to town of Schoepke Exploratory Drilling site in June 2020.

Town of Monico residents express their concerns about the lack of communication and legality of Badger Minerals Exploratory Drilling Site on June 16th. 2020.

Town of Monico residents speak out after not being informed about Badger Minerals Exploratory Drilling Project, adjacent to their land on 06/16/2020.

Schoepke exploratory drilling blindsides nearby landowner’s on 06/16/2020.

Local candidates share opinion on Oneida County exploratory drilling on 06/23/2020.

Badger Minerals Exploratory Drilling is nearly complete on June 24th. 2020.

Badger Minerals license expired for the exploratory drilling on 06/30/2020. However, They are not done yet.

We would like to thank all of the people involved in helping us have our story heard. The reporters we spoke to are Ben Meyer at WXPR, Dan Hagen at WJFW, Tom Lally at WAOW and Jonathan Sodowski at Up North News. Without you, your staff and your Stations we would have never been able to reach out to so many people! Thank you all so much!

So, as of the time of this post on July 3rd. 2020 Badger Minerals license has expired. They are supposedly cleaning up their sites and performing some sort of reclamation of the land. The pictures below are how the land looked on June, 29th. 2020. We wonder how many residents in our great state that enjoy our clean waterways would want this type of project in their neighborhood? We wonder who is accountable for our land valuation now? Who wants to have an Open Pit Copper Sulfide Mine near their precious property? We wonder, now that Oneida County has opened the door to mining, is the town of Lynne site next?

Drilling waste water dumped on the ground.
Another view of the “Sump Pit.”

We all need to reach out and contact the WIDNR, Our Legislators, Our State Representative’s, Our County Board Supervisors, anyone and everyone to ensure that the WIDNR does not renew Badger Minerals License. They need to hold public hearings and involve the public just like they did with the town of Lynne project. The town of Schoepke project never had that. The WIDNR approved all of their permits without any public input at all!

The road coming out of one of the sites.