About the project


Mother Earth didn’t give up her secrets in this part of Heaven On Earth!

The landscape near some of the exploratory drilling sites. Stockley Creek, which flows into the Wolf River, is in the foreground. Pelican Lake is in the background.CREDIT DAN DUMAS/KIM SWISHER COMMUNICATIONS

I want to personally thank everyone that was involved in helping to get the word out about this project. I really believe that most people do not want a mine in their backyard or even in their State. Especially if it cannot be proven that there is a safe way to do it. Of which, still to this date there has been no known mine that has been safe not only to the environment but to it’s very own employee’s. Mine’s are dangerous, they harm the environment and they are far more trouble than they are worth! We as a society need to create better ways to source the Minerals they seek. Recycling would be the first big step! I myself have quite a few electronic devices sitting in the garage just waiting for my town’s “Annual Recycling Event.” Why wait a whole year? What usually ends up happening at these events? Most of the actual precious metals are never fully recovered. We live in a disposable society and that really needs to change! Anyways, again so many thank you’s go out to everyone involved!

I especially want to thank the Tribes that performed the Prayer Ribbon Ceremony on these lands! Despite Heartwood Forestry’s disrespect and total disregard by bulldozing most of them down, some remain to this day! I would like to believe that they helped protect the land, the plants, the animals and the water’s in this area that is so special to so many of us! Miigwech Chi-miigwech

These are a few images of why we were all working so hard to get the word out about Badger Minerals and their plans for the exploratory drilling project.

One last thing to think about, Heartwood Forestry clear cut over 150 acres of prime forestry land, for what? The market wasn’t in their favor. In fact, towards the end of the project in June, we actually saw several fully loaded logging trucks that had gone out, come back in to unload the timber they obviously couldn’t sell. All that destruction, during the Groshawks and Bald Eagles mating seasons, for what? I sure hope Badger Minerals paid you well Heartwood Forestry!

The gate is closed for now!
Good bye, Good Riddance!


I am a property owner on land that is located on the proposed Town Of Schoepke Mine Site. This land has been in our family since my Grandfather purchased the property upon returning home from World War 2! This is sacred land as my Grandfather’s ashes are on this property.
This land is my life and I would be lost without it. The waters that surround our property and flow through our property have been here long before mankind walked on this earth. These waters and lands are a part of the whole system of the planet. Like a delicate spider web they flow throughout the land. It is my mission to protect this land, the water and all living creatures that inhabit this area!

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