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Map of the Mineral Exploration Sites on the Wolf River


This map shows Badger Minerals LLC’s exploratory drilling sites. The Badger Property is marked with a blue diamond, and the Northern Water Source is marked with a circled X.

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I am a property owner on land that is located on the proposed Town Of Schoepke Mine Site. This land has been in our family since my Grandfather purchased the property upon returning home from World War 2! This is sacred land as my Grandfather’s ashes are on this property.
This land is my life and I would be lost without it. The waters that surround our property and flow through our property have been here long before mankind walked on this earth. These waters and lands are a part of the whole system of the planet. Like a delicate spider web they flow throughout the land. It is my mission to protect this land, the water and all living creatures that inhabit this area!

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Thank you for making everyone aware about the blatant mismanagement of our Forest lands. And making us all aware of the attack by out-of-state Sulfide Mining companies to take away our rights as Wisconsin citizens to drink clean well water, and fish in clean rivers. Northern Wisconsin economy depends upon tourism. Tourism depends on clean air and clean water. The vast majority of people who live in northern Wisconsin don’t live here year around… They come up here to get away from the city or they own a vacation home here.
Sulfide Mining produces highly acidic, extremely toxic water …and should never be done in a water-rich environment, the risks are too great. The stakes are too high.


Thank you for the kind words. You are right on all levels. Our precious waters our going to be polluted by outside sources now that the State has re-written the legislation. Now a county such as Oneida county can change their Zoning regulations from “NO” it cannot be done, to “YES” it can be done when it comes to mining. That’s how Badger Minerals not only got the approval from our own WIDNR but also from Oneida County Zoning office. If it can happen in the Town of Schoepke, it now can happen anywhere in the entire state, unless local zoning boards do not change their ordinance’s. Look out Town of Lynne!

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